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Eight and twenty. Gentleman. Landowner, Pemberley, Derbyshire. Nephew of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Intelligent. Honest. Class-conscious and proud, but not deaf to valid criticism and not aloof to ardent admiration.

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 Skin featuring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.  Skin featuring Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy.

DarcyxLizzy Timeline

Chapter 3
We meet Mr. Darcy for the first time at the assembly; he slights Lizzy by refusing to dance when Mr. Bingley offers to have them introduced for a dance: "She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me; and I am in no humour at present to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men."
Chapter 5
Lizzy vows she would not dance with Mr. Darcy, and allows that she "could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified [hers]".
Chapter 6
Mr. Darcy takes a keener interest in Lizzy, and attends to her conversation with Colonel Forster, and talks briefly with her. Sir William Lucas facilitates a dance between him and Lizzy, but while he is agreeable to it, she declines firmly. Miss Bingley observes him, and he alludes to admiring a certain lady's eyes; supposing it to be hers, she asks whose pair he was observing, and upon finding out it was Lizzy's, she continues to tease him about his marrying Lizzy in the end.
Chapter 7
Jane gets sick at Netherfield, and Lizzy goes out to check on her, walking three miles in the dirty weather to do so. She arrives at Netherfield, and Darcy is "divided between admiration of the brilliancy which exercise had given to her complexion, and doubt as to the occasion's justifying her coming so far alone."
Chapter 8
Darcy talks briefly about what an accomplished woman should be.
Chapter 9
Lizzy defends Darcy from her mother when he notes that the country supplies few subjects for a study on characters, mostly due to her mortification at her mother's lack of manners.
Chapter 10
Lizzy and Darcy debate on Bingley's humility; later on, while Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst are on the piano-forte, he seems about to ask her to dance but she supposes he meant to despise her taste in music and dancing. The next day, while walking with Miss Bingley, Darcy meets with Mrs. Hurst and Lizzy, who are also walking. Mrs. Hurst ignores Lizzy and goes to take Darcy's other arm; he proposes to move to the avenue, where they will all be able to walk together. Lizzy declines.
Chapter 11
Miss Bingley tries to catch Mr. Darcy attention in the evening, but only succeeds in doing so when she invites Lizzy to take a turn about the room. She invites Mr. Darcy to join them, but he declines, saying that they either want to talk about something in confidence or have him admire their figures; and his joining them would destroy both motives. Mr. Darcy and Lizzy debate again on character failings.
Chapter 12
Lizzy and Jane return home, much to Mr. Darcy's relief. He ignores her for the remainder of their time at Netherfield before going home.
Chapter 15
Darcy and Wickham meet, both uncomfortable in the situation, which Lizzy notices.
Chapter 16
Mr. Wickham talks about Darcy to Lizzy.
Chapter 18
The Netherfield ball takes place: Darcy and Lizzy dance. Sir William Lucas alerts Darcy to the expectation of many that Bingley and Jane will soon marry. Darcy is disgusted by Mrs. Bennet's vulgarity.
Chapter 30
Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam visits while Lizzy is at the Parsonage with Charlotte and Mr. Collins.
Chapter 31
Lizzy plays on the piano-forte at Rosings on Colonel Fitzwilliam's request; Darcy comes over to watch her.
Chapter 32
Darcy visits with Lizzy at the Parsonage and talks about the advantages/disadvantages of the match between Charlotte's and Mr. Collins' marriage.
Chapter 33
Lizzy finds out about Darcy's manipulation of Bingley so that the latter is essentially cut off from Jane.
Chapter 34
Darcy proposes, and is refused by Lizzy. He finds out her objections against himself.
Chapter 35
Lizzy reads the letter Darcy has written her, regarding her accusations of wilfully separating Bingley and Jane and his misconduct regarding Wickham.
Chapter 36
Lizzy analyzes the letter thoroughly, and comes to the conclusion that Darcy was blameless.
Chapter 43
Lizzy visits Pemberley, and is impressed with the housekeeper's warm praise and regard for her master; Darcy himself, unexpectedly, arrives and meets Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner. Their view of Darcy changes.
Chapter 44
Darcy brings his sister to meet Lizzy, and the Gardiners observe that he is very much in love with their neice.
Chapter 45
Lizzy and Mrs. Gardiner visits at Pemberley, and when Darcy finds out from Mr. Gardiner that she has, he leaves to attend to the ladies. After their departure, Miss Bingley continues on to slight Lizzy, but Darcy defends her and cuts Miss Bingley's insults.
Chapter 46
Lizzy receives word of Lydia's elopement, which Darcy soon learns of; he leaves her shortly afterward, and she in turn goes back to Longbourn.
Chapter 51
Lizzy finds out that Darcy was at Wickham and Lydia's wedding; unable to control herself, she writers to Mrs. Gardiner to find out the truth of the matter.
Chapter 52
Mrs. Gardiner replies back in a letter, and explains Darcy's thorough involvement with the affair. Wickham and Lizzy talk briefly, ending with Wickham finding out Lizzy's knowledge of what had truly happened between him and Darcy.
Chapter 53
Bingley and Darcy visit the Bennets; Lizzy is confused and distressed, and could not make out Darcy's mood.
Chapter 54
Lizzy continues to fret about Darcy. A party at Longbourn bring the two gentlemen around, but aside from a very brief conversation, Lizzy and Darcy are unable to talk.
Chapter 55
Darcy goes back to London for ten days, in the space of which Jane and Bingley get engaged.
Chapter 56
Lady Catherine de Bourgh visits Lizzy to persuade/warn her against marrying her nephew. Lizzy refuses to give her promise.
Chapter 57
Mr. Collins writes to warn Mr. Bennet against Lizzy's marrying Darcy. Mr. Bennet looks at it like a joke.
Chapter 58
Bingley and Darcy visit again, and they walk outdoors. Lizzy thanks Darcy for the service he had extended them regarding Wickham and Lydia's marriage, which soon prompts Darcy to ask the state of her feelings, and she replies in the positive. <3
Chapter 59
Lizzy confides to Jane about her engagement to Darcy, to the latter's utmost surprise. Darcy and Bingley visits again the next day, and Darcy asks for Lizzy's hand in marriage. Mr. Bennet and Lizzy talk, and soon he is satisfied with Lizzy's regard. Mrs. Bennet is almost hysterical in elation upon learning of it.
Chapter 60
Lizzy and Darcy's engagement are announced; the Collinses remove to Lucas Lodge for the time being to escape Lady Catherine de Bourgh's wrath.
Chapter 61
Darcy and Lizzy are married. :)

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